Is Your Business Asking Questions Your CRM Can’t Answer?

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Get CRM Right

How to Get CRM Right without the Big Tech Project.

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Did you know....

Over 50% of CRM Technology implementations Fail.

Over 89% of CRM implementations Fail to meet expectations.

What good is a successful CRM Technology project that does NOT meet business Expectations?


See the Value you could accelerate by investing in Dynamics 365 Sales to align your people and tech.

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CRM technology engagements are not the problem… Meeting Business Expectations Is!

The fact is most CRM technology projects don't finish on time / under budget. CRM technology keeps getting better. CRM engagements fail because technology is not meeting expectations to make customer acquisition and retention more effective, easier, and enjoyable.

Get CRM Right is a different approach to CRM engagements that combines human-centered design and collaborative prototyping to align the needs and expectations of business and IT stakeholders. No “big bang,” one-size-fits-all, monolithic projects here.

Get CRM Right - What to Expect


We bring IT and business stakeholders together to identify key constraints via design thinking workshops. Where can we reduce digital friction by making sales, marketing, and support tasks more functional, effective, and easier? How can we increase accessibility to insight?

Let’s envision low-code/high-value solutions that can have an immediate positive impact on customer success.


During this time we engage in development sprints to rapidly design and prototype a low code high-value solution with a continued focus on outcomes.

This is an opportunity to design together and achieve rapid results and ROI for CRM.


This time is dedicated to the training and deployment of only the essential custom IT features to your pilot group for feedback and course corrections.

Plan for outcome measurement and realization in the next phase of the journey.

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*Speaking Frankly About Customer Relationship Management:

Why Customer Relationship Management Is Still Alive and

Vital to Your Company's Customer Strategy. ISBN: ‎978-0988914513